Celebrate Like It’s 2020

After a whirlwind of a year, this holiday season promises to be a little different than those of years past. Instead of lamenting what won’t be the same, treat this year as an opportunity to deck the halls in a whole new way.

Invite technology to the partyWith group gatherings and travel restrictions likely to continue in many parts of the country through the holiday season, there’s a good chance you may not be able to gather with everyone you’d like. However, the pandemic has shown how simple it can be to use technology to stay connected. Go ahead and schedule a virtual party or make time to jump on a video chat during your celebration to include those who can’t be there in person. To help add a touch of normalcy to the festivities, consider packaging and sending small boxes of party essentials in advance to each person who’ll join the virtual party. 

Make giving a group effort. Helping those in need is a tradition many people honor around the holidays, but this year your giving is likely to be especially impactful. When you join efforts with family or friends, your contributions can go even further, and it’s a way to bond over your shared experience. Consider volunteering as a group at a food pantry, adopting a family or two together or finding another local cause that could use some extra help and count your blessings while you enjoy the extra time together.

Simplify gift-givingAs families grow, the gift lists get longer. However, especially in a year like this, not many wallets have expanded to keep up with the pace. Forgo the time and money required to buy for everyone in the family and start a new tradition by drawing names and instead of buying smaller items for a lot of people, put a little more toward a single item your recipient truly wants or needs.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2020. All rights reserved.

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